MHB WEEKLY: By the students, for the world

MHB Guests

Each week, as part of the Master’s in Human Behavior program, we invite guest speakers from industries of interest to give lectures and host discussion. Thus far, here is a list of this semester’s guests:

Sean Baun Soundview Group Managing Director and Founder



Kristin Gabriel Marcom New Media Principal Founder, Social Media Marketing & PR




Mike Keesling Marcom New Media Producer and SEO Executive




Keith Pillow Caddy Marketing and Communications Owner, Operator, Manager




Jennifer Samples LazBro, Inc. Chief Operating Officer




Siobian O’Neill Digital at Edelmen Senior Account Supervisor




Rebecca Mikkelsen Expansion Plus Senior Account Executive

Check back for updates on upcoming guests. For biographies, click on links.


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    Established in 2009 at USC, the Master's of Science in Human Behavior is designed to equip students with knowledge of consumer psychology, social media and market analysis skills. This is our blog. Subscribe

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