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Our faculty in the Master’s in Human Behavior program have long academic histories in the fields of psychology, statistics, mathematics and, of course, human behavior. We also bring in industry professionals to teach classes each semester. Here are the current lecturing faculty:

Dr. Sabrina Wilson LeBeouf is a currently an adjunct professor of PSYCH 552, “Principles of Consumer Psychology.” A new convert to the Los Angeles area, Dr. LeBeouf was formerly an Organizational Learning Associate at NestlĂ©-Purina and also worked in Organizational Effectiveness at Monsanto. She was educated at Saint Louis University, Xavier University of Louisiana and Missouri State University.

Dr. Miranda Barone is a currently a professor of PSYCH 513, “Attitudes and Social Influence.” Dr. Barone has conducted research in the fields of forensic mental health, deafness and mother-infant sleep behaviors, thus bringing her knowledge of social behaviors across many areas to her course. She was an undergraduate at USC and went on to earn an MS and PHD from Claremont Graduate School.

Dr. Ernest Greene, the director of the MHB program, is currently overseeing PSYCH 550A, a Proseminar featuring student presentations and guest lectures each week. This semester, the seminar focuses on social media. Dr. Greene is a professor of psychology at USC. He completed his undergraduate and master’s work at San Jose State, and received a PHD from the University of Oregon.

Dr. Richard John is currently the professor of PSYCH 622, “Decision Analysis and Behavioral Decision Theory,” a statistics-based offering for the fall semester. After receiving his undergraduate degree from the Georgia Institute of Technology, Dr. John came to USC for both his MS (in Applied Mathematics) and PHD (in Quantitative Psychology). Much of his academic work involves statistical analysis of real-world events, such as his research for the Center for Risk and Economic Analysis of Terrorism Events.


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