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The SMASH Conference | April 8, 2011

Yesterday, the MHB program hosted a social media summit at the Davidson Center in downtown Los Angeles, USC‘s campus locus for alumni assemblies, business conferences and breakfasts with President C.L. Max Nikias. The first-ever SMASH, or Social Media Advanced Skills Huddle, gathered industry pros, graduate students and doctors of psychology for 11 interactive presentations, a lunch discussion with internet entrepreneur and Mahalo creator Jason Calacanis and a seminar-ending discussion of cyber innovation and revolution. Moderated by Communitelligence president John Gerstner, the SMASH later connected to MediaSense, a similar conference in New Zealand. Organized into six distinct sections — Listening, Community, Social Dialogue, Leading, Measuring and Future Visioning — the SMASH featured one hour-long session per topic, each composed of short lectures and brainstorming huddles between attendees and speakers. The event drew members of the entertainment, public relations, market research, digital communications and online marketing industries, and introduced to many the principles of social media while generating for all a multitude of new ideas and strategies for the rapidly-evolving field.

Starting next week, MHB students will provide a speaker-by-speaker breakdown of the conference, summarizing major concepts and sharing the various metrics, tools and sites that are essential to any individual, business or organization with serious interest in social media. For SMASH attendees, this is a great way to review the ideas and access the contact information of each exceptional presenter; for internet professionals and newcomers, it will introduce an elite group of West Coast social mediators and the campaigns, methods and secrets that have earned them both renown and profit. Continue reading for the event’s speaking schedule, which doubles as a preview for next week’s reaction and analysis.

Topic 1: Listening
Eric Schwartzman
Online Consultant; Producer of On The Record…Online
Follow him on Twitter.

Jason Kintzler
Founder and Chief Executive Officer of PitchEngine
Follow him on Twitter.

Topic 2: Community
Mike Bonifer
Writer, Director, Producer and Author of GameChangers
Follow him on Twitter.

Wendy Cohen
Director of Digital Campaigns & Community, Participant Media
Follow her on Twitter.

Topic 3: Social Dialogue
Gareth Hornberger
Digital Marketing Manager, Levi Strauss & Co.
Follow him on Twitter.

Paul Dunay
Chief Marketing Officer, Networked Insights
Follow him on Twitter.

Break: Lunch Discussion
Jason Calacanis
Internet Entrepreneur, Founder of Mahalo
Follow him on Twitter.

Michael Terpin
Chief Executive Officer, Social Radius
Follow him on Twitter.

Topic 4: Leading
David Murdico
Executive Creative Director, Supercool Creative
Follow him on Twitter.

Adam Christensen
Social Business Strategy & Execution, IBM
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Topic 5: Measuring
Sally Falkow
Co-creator of PRESSfeed, Editor of The Proactive Report
Follow her on Twitter.

Tony Adam
Online Marketing Director, MySpace; Founder, Visible Factors
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Topic 6: Future Visioning
Jonathan Taplin
Director of the Annenberg Innovation Lab

Chris Bechtel
Chief Executive Officer of iPressroom
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