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Speaker Series: Keith Pillow | April 1, 2011

Each Friday, the MHB program hosts an industry pro with insight into career opportunities, marketplace trends and new ideas who engages students for two hours of class time. On September 17, 2010, the speaker series featured Mr. Keith Pillow, the CEO of Caddy Marketing and Communications, a consulting group based in Camarillo, California.

Mr. Pillow started by exploring his academic résumé to illustrate the types of degrees that can lead to work in the field of communications. He received his B.S. in marketing and international business from the Leeds School of Business at the University of Colorado, and his MBA from Pepperdine University. He then underlined how social media has changed marketing, and the various ways he uses it to promote both himself and his company. Mr. Pillow discussed the rapidly-evolving nature of social media, and how brands are now using it to monitor consumer behavior online. What was once a simple way to network between friends and family, as he explained, has now become a powerful marketing strategy.

At the same time, Mr. Pillow emphasized that employing an effective social media marketing campaign is time-consuming and oftentimes costly, despite the free services it utilizes — Facebook, Twitter and the like. He demonstrated this fact by showing the many different services that he uses, and how he juggles the processes of updating them all. His presentation was thus crucial because it presented both the pros and cons of social media, while also discussing the future of the field and how it will adapt to a 21st-century consumer world. Mr. Pillow also provided a glowing example of how an individual can successfully rise through the ranks of various organizations and then invest his expertise in a successful company of his own founding.

Continue reading for more on Mr. Pillow, including a look at his various social media outlets.

As a consultant who recognizes the value of business-minded web communication, Mr. Pillow has a healthy social media profile himself. He maintains Marketing Mulligans, a company blog for Caddy Marketing and Communications, with posts on important trends within the industry. His Twitter page (head here) is full of similar insight, as well as links to breaking news and studies within the realm of social media. You can read a short feature on Mr. Pillow and the launch of his company here, and you can find his LinkedIn page here.



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