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Speaker Series: David Murdico | February 25, 2011

Each Friday, the MHB program hosts an industry pro with insight into career opportunities, marketplace trends and new ideas who engages students for two hours of class time. On October 29th, 2010, the speaker series featured Mr. David Murdico, currently the Executive Creative Director and Managing Partner at Supercool Creative, a Los Angeles-based marketing company that specializes in web-hosted video production.

Mr. Murdico provided a glimpse into the intriguing world of video marketing and online video creation. He shared several campaigns that have achieved the coveted status of “going viral,” or generating buzz for a product on the web through millions of hits on video-hosting sites like YouTube. One of his most intriguing examples was Liquid Mountaineering — a three-minute faux-documentary in which athletes appear to walk on water, which has garnered close to ten million internet views in under a year. (The video was later revealed as a subtle advertisement for Hi-Tec shoes.) An engaging speaker, Mr. Murdico looked behind the scenes of his industry and used videos like Liquid Mountaineering to explain the necessary elements that catalyze viral “infection.”

Mr. Murdico’s presentation explained that the secret to success in the viral video market is striking a balance between entertainment and message. Pinpointing this equilibrium can happen by chance, but it is more commonly achieved through experience and a thorough understanding of what will capture people’s attention, a concept highly relevant to modern marketers. Mr. Murdico and his colleagues at Supercool believe that when the message itself is entertaining the content will be remembered; for examples of such work, see the portfolio at the Supercool site.

Continue reading for more about Mr. Murdico.

You can find Mr. Murdico on the Supercool website, and you can also find him on LinkedIn. He contributes to several blogs and websites — you can read his work on his company’s blog, at the viral marketing site ReelSEO, and at the industry-aimed outlet MediaPost.



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