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Speaker Series: Jennifer Samples | February 4, 2011

Each Friday, the MHB program hosts an industry pro with insight into career opportunities, marketplace trends and new ideas who engages students for two hours of class time. On September 10th, 2010, the speaker series featured Ms. Jennifer Samples, currently the Chief Operations Officer of LazBro, Inc., a digital marketing agency based in Santa Monica.

Ms. Samples, who throughout her career has promoted products from Jack Daniel’s to eyeliner, shared insights on the developing field of online, social publicity — a marketing strategy that LazBro, which she co-founded with her husband, has prioritized in its service portfolio for new and existing clients. Ms. Samples first talked about SMS (or, more colloquially, text message) marketing, which she displayed by encouraging students to text cosmetics company Physicians Formula for discount deals. She then displayed the entirety of a social media campaign for the same client, which included a Facebook page, a YouTube profile and a microsite for contests and promotions.

Finally, Ms. Samples spoke of the day-to-day maintenance of such social media pursuits, and the endeavors with which her company is tasked to execute its work effectively: regulating websites for appropriateness of content; collecting data to reflect the tangible use of sites by potential consumers; adjusting campaigns as to comply with Internet laws like the opt-in clause; and determining the best way to summarize and present all findings to clients. Overall, as opposed to just lecturing on broad ideas and vague strategies in the social media landscape, Ms. Samples engaged students with an actual exploration of one of LazBro’s current projects.

Continue reading for more about Ms. Samples.

You can read a short biography of Ms. Samples on the LazBro site, and you can also find her on LinkedIn. And if you get a chance, check out the Gateway Interactive Marketing Association — a St. Louis-based society of industry professionals co-founded by Ms. Samples before her West Coast relocation.


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